Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Definition: (adjective) CRASS = lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence...

... stupid, insensitive, mindless, thoughtless, ignorant, witless, oafish, boorish, asinine, coarse, gross, graceless, tasteless, tactless, clumsy, blundering = Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins claims that she is unable to find work because of the bad economy. Yes, of course that's the case, the stupid insensitive, mindless, ignorant, witless, asinine and gross posts that she makes on her public Facebook page probably have nothing to do with her difficulty finding employment and getting clients. Think about it, what bank or mortgage company would not jump at the opportunity to employ an appraiser who boasts on the internet, At 3 day Tantric sex workshop honing my skillz. Ow, my ass.   

Yeah, it's probably just due to the bad economy.  Surely it can't have anything to do with the public posts she makes...

And this train wreck, this scum of the earth, has the audacity to post about decent people?  She has attacked only the most select individuals who basically are the cornerstones of society, animal heroes, attorneys, judges, reporters…..look at some of the people she has attacked:  Amanda Lollar, (a woman above reproach and singled out by her peers to be nominated for the single most prestigious award in the world of animals – the Indy Prize), Randy Turner (an animal rights attorney of over 30 years who has sacrificed his own well-being for animals) and Dr. Gary Michelson (the holder of over 900 medical patents; a philanthropist who has donated over $130 million dollars to non-profits).

No wonder her own family has had nothing to do with her in over 20 years. Well, ever since she allegedly tried to embezzle a fortune from her dying grandmother, that is.

Nuff said.



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